Thrie Beam Crash Barriers

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Feature of the Product


  • Precision-crafted with a cold-rolled thickness of 2.8mm
  • Raw materials conform to or exceed IS 5986/2062/10748 standards
  • Raw material grades include Fe360, Fe410, and Fe510
  • A width of 502mm provides optimal coverage and protection
  • Post and spacer dimensions set at 150755mm (underneath width)
  • Meticulous selection of materials ensures durability and structural integrity
  • Our Thrie Beam crash barriers are designed for road safety and reliability.


Application Area of Thrie Beam Crash Barriers

Utkarsh India’s Thrie Beam metal crash barriers are designed to enhance road safety across diverse applications. Meeting and surpassing international standards, including Indian, American, and European specifications, these barriers play a vital role on highways, expressways, bridges, and urban road networks. They offer protection in industrial and commercial areas, railway crossings, and rural road networks, ensuring safety and structural integrity. Join us as a partner to explore our Thrie Beam crash barrier uses, featuring robust design and strict adherence to safety standards, making them an invaluable asset in comprehensive road safety solutions.


Explore the excellence of Utkarsh India’s Thrie Beam crash barriers, a comprehensive range meticulously crafted to meet Indian, American, European, and other global standards. As a trusted Thrie Beam crash barrier manufacturer, we source the finest quality raw materials from leading brands like SAIL, TATA, and Hindustan Zinc. Our commitment to safety and reliability is evident in the precision engineering and top-tier materials that converge to provide unparallelled protection on the roads. Our Thrie Beam crash barriers stand as a testament to our dedication to road safety, offering robust solutions for diverse applications and environments.


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