Origami Kitchen Towels / 2 in 1 Pack / Set of 3

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Origami So Soft Absorbent Kitchen Towels are dispenser friendly, highly absorbent and help clean surfaces easily. Made with recycled fibre, thus making them eco friendly.

Origami’s kitchen towels are designed to make your kitchen routine easy and effective. They excel at keeping your kitchen clean, quickly wiping away wet surfaces. These towels are user-friendly, sturdy, and fit well in dispensers, ensuring both convenience and quality with the latest technology. Ensuring safety in food handling, Origami Kitchen Towels avoid harsh chemicals like chlorine bleach, using a special process that minimizes chemical use. Drying at high temperatures makes them safe for contact with food. Notably, they’re also great for absorbing excess oil, providing a healthier option without compromising on taste. Simplify your kitchen tasks with Origami, where ease meets excellence.

  • Thick and 2-layer embossed kitchen tissue is designed to provide exceptional absorbency to meet your wiping needs. It leaves no leftover fragments on wet surfaces.
  • Food Grade and Safe: Origami Kitchen Towels do not use chlorine bleaching our fiber revive technology process minimizes chemical uses. Further , the paper is dried at over 120 deg Centigrade. This ensures that they are food contact safe.
  • Oil Absorbent: Place fried items on the sheet after frying to remove excess oil and provide you with a healthier option without sacrificing deliciousness.
  • Made from 100% cellulose fiber: Free of any inks, dyes or harsh chemicals and chlorine brightening agent
  • Pack Contains: 2 Ply Kitchen Tissue Paper Roll | 2 in 1 Pack | Set of 3 | 60 Pulls Per Roll | Total Pulls – 360.
  • Dimensions (each): 28 cm x 19 cm x 21.5 cm.
  • Weight (each): 1.300 grams
  • Made in India.


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